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SOS - Rio Grande do Sul - Charity Dinner

18TH OF JUNE - 18:00

5 - Course Charity Dinner

Price for dinner with beverage
from 2000 kr per person up to what ever sum you want to donate

100% of the amount goes to the charity

If you can not attend the dinner, but still want to donate, it is from all our hearts ok.

All donations goes through Föreningen Brasil Sverige
Swish:  1234802781
Code: RS Carbon


The Dinner

• cheese bread
• coxinha ”chincken croquette” | caviar
• graviola sorbet | jambú flower

Caipirinha | lime leaf | clarified

tomato | watercress | parmesan | smoked olive oil 

Emrich schönleber halgans | Riesling | nahe | 2018

Almnäs Tegel cheese | green asparagus

Robert denergant ”les sardines” | chardonnay | bourgeois | 2021

Zucchini | wild garlic 

Yerba mate | tankray 10 | passion fruit | rooibos

black garlic chimichurri | cassava

Château landat | blend | haut medoc | 2000

mandarin sorbet

Zacapa gran reserva 23 | rum | guatamala | Solera

Wine presented by grytthyttan vintage selection
Marcel Visser is going to be here on the night and present all the wines. 

GVS is also going to have an unique wine aucti
on with some really special wines.


Rio Grande do Sul

The true heart of Rio Grande do Sul lies in its people. Known for their warmth, resilience, and strong sense of community, the Gaúchos are renowned for their hospitality and generosity. The people of Rio Grande do Sul embody a spirit of hard work, pride, and unity, always ready to lend a helping hand to their neighbors. But now it is them that are in need of our helping hand

They have faced a devastating disaster. Relentless rains caused severe flooding, displacing thousands of families, destroying homes, and ravaging farmland. Lives were upended in an instant, and the community now faces a monumental task of rebuilding.

Thank you for your compassion and support. Let’s make a difference, together.

The sponsors

and special thanks to Föreningen Brasil - Sverige

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