Friendship & 1 bottle of port wine 


Hear the story of how friendship resulted in a trip to the Douro Valley and the creation of Carbon's own port wine. Quinta do Vallado produces beautiful unique wines in a fantastic environment that makes time to stay for a while. Incredible wine-making has been passed down here through generations.

The tradition of gently refining grapes in the Douro Valley has been here for a really long time

​Carbon loves Vallado

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Almnäs Bruk is one of our absolute favorites.

World-class cheese such as Wrångebäck & Almnäs tegel. We, like many restaurants, use their cheeses both to be enjoyed just as they are but also as important ingredients in our cooking.


Our visit to Almnäs Bruk resulted in us doing our own batch of Wrångebäck | Batch 81 | Absolutely fantastic to see the process together with these incredibly talented people.

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Vänern roe is a fantastic product.


A beloved product in Sweden for generations. We went with a fisherman from Spiken's ferry camp to join us in fishing, squeezing and salting our own bay. Hard work and great respect for these fishermen, but, it is outstanding what little one refines the product before it ends up on the plate. One of our purest products, with only salt as an additive.

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Lobster | King of Swedish shell fish 


With a small fast boat, we left the marina out in Långedrag to pull up some lobster traps. Gothenburg's archipelago is really beautiful. Scandinavian, rugged, barren but still so rewarding.

Swedish seafood is the best in the world. No doubt about that.





We are fans of Mia at Västergården. Having her beautiful plates is a key element for us. We went to them at Gothenburg harborand tried out her craft. Even though she sais it is not art, we surely see it as just that.

Read more about Västergården or buy her beautiful ceramic at www.västergå