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At Carbon, we appreciate the culinary delights that the world has to offer. From tender Wagyu beef imported from Japan to beautiful olive oil sourced from Italy, we take pleasure in incorporating exquisite ingredients from around the globe. However, our love for international produce never overshadows our commitment to caring for the environment. In fact, it fuels it. We believe that sustainability and exceptional dining can go hand in hand. While we celebrate the flavors of the world, we also recognize the importance of supporting local farmers and minimizing our carbon footprint.  ​


On the 15th -17th of may 2023 we went out Foraging with Det Vilda Skafferiet and made a dinner together with them at Carbon. We want to give a special thanks to them for their knowledge and passion in what our woods has to offer

savoring exquisite ingredients

A dinner that celebrates the beauty of nature and the art of gastronomy. This special menu features a selection of dishes made with locally sourced, sustainable ingredients that are composed together with the talented chef´s at Det vilda skafferiet.


This delightful creation features Swedish duck liver mousse accompanied by Spanish chervil. The velvety richness of the mousse harmonizes with the herbaceous notes of chervil, creating a tantalizing blend of flavors.

snack #1: fritter

These plump and succulent mussels are sourced directly from the pristine waters of Orust, ensuring the freshest flavors possible. Served alongside tender Jerusalem artichokes, vibrant beach kale, and aromatic forest chives, this dish is a celebration of the sea and the earth.

serving #3: mussels from orust

This snack features caramelized onion, Havgus cheese aged for 24 months, and large bittercress. The rich and nutty flavors of the caramelized onion and aged cheese are perfectly balanced by the fresh and vibrant notes of the bittercress, creating a harmonious combination of tastes.

snack #2: petit choux

This extraordinary creation features fresh makrill delicately marinated with magnolia flowers, complemented by the subtle floral notes of geranium and the vibrant freshness of chives and cucumber.

serving #1: makrill ceviche

This dish features tender white asparagus that has been carefully fermented to develop its distinct tangy notes. Paired with salt bush spätzle, the rich and creamy goat butter, and the delicate sea sandwort, offers a harmonious blend of textures and tastes.

serving #2: fermented white asparagus

This dish showcases the tender and juicy lamb saddle accompanied by a medley of vibrant nettles, juicy tomatoes, creamy yogurt, and aromatic ground ivy, every bite is a symphony of taste and texture. The combination of the tender lamb with the fresh and herbal elements creates a harmonious balance.

serving #4: lamb saddle

This dish features a moist and flavorful almond cake, layered with sweet and tangy mispel fruit. Paired with a refreshing and creamy goat yogurt sorbet, and drizzled with the delicate essence of arctic birch oil. The nutty undertones of the almond cake, the bright sweetness of the mispel fruit, and the cool creaminess of the goat yogurt sorbet come together to create a truly unforgettable dessert experience.

serving #5: almond cake

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