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It is really important for us to use local produces. Because when you know the producer, you know the way he produce, the things you want to have from him, grain if it is barley, i think it is really important, aswell if you want to buy hops for the beer when you cook it, so even at that time is really important to know who produced it. So a local produce is important. And maybe even more, the knowledge about the producer. I think that is even more important for us.


We put a lot of thinking into create this beer with a brazilian soul and it was such a different feeling when we got to try straight from the tank today. It feels like we have something to do with it, you know just opening bottles and having the exactly the same experience as the guests. We feel part of it aswell.


When we were tasting all those different beers, Qvänum obviously is a brewery that has earned their mark already in the business for years, but to try all those different styles to find something that really homed in to us, was a lot of fun and having a background coming from the bar business it was kind of fun to just play around, mix things together and make sure we get the flavour just right.

Gelada comes from the love of our producers and the country we live in. In the middle of the Varaslätten is a brewery that we think makes some of the world's best beers. QMM with Claes & Annika in the lead has become more than producers for us. They are good friends and together we have made a warehouse together. Gelada is a lager beer of a slightly more modern cut. Classic brewing with decoction mashing in the Czech way. Which means that parts of the mash are allowed to boil. This gives a beer with a little more fullness and also a mild caramelization. The beer can thereby get a small tone of caramel in the aroma. After mashing, the wort is boiled for 90 minutes, which is longer than usual. This longer cooking time distributes the bitter tones from the hops in a pleasant way and affects the beer's balance in a positive direction. The malt grain comes from the old malt grain variety Balder which has a fresh and light character. The oats in the brew give a fullness and also an experience of sweetness. The two American hop varieties Citra and Mosaic create tones of citrus and tropical aromas such as passion fruit and mango.

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