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- Rising Star - Amazing!!! That is the 1st word that comes to my mind when I visited Restaurang Carbon this week. The dinning room is modern, classy with a good choice of colour and materials. The chairs are very confortable.

- World class experience. My goodness, what good food! A taste sensation without its equal, pleasant and knowledgeable staff.




We will not lie and say that we do not use Wagyu from Japan or mango from Pakistan in august or tomatoes from Tuscany, because we do, because some certain regions produces without competition the best produce. 


But with that said the environment is really  important to us. When we find an equally as perfect local produce, we use that,even, if it means a higher price.

Our choice of amazing produce from around the world is solely based on one fact, that it is the best. Most of our produce is local, and once again, not because it is local, but the fact that it is the best. 


- We have really straight forward philosophy. We like what we serve, and we only serve what we like. We only work with the absolute top produce our suppliers has to offer. 


- Our dynamic and international environment  creates a unique modern dining experience  for everyone to enjoy.

Jean Henkel