Never stops thinking, either it’s a new dish, tweaking a recipe or just a good comeback over staff food. Constantly keeps the team on their toes. 


Jean is a master of meat, from Capivara from his back garden in Novo Hamburgo, Brazil, to A5 Kobe wagyu in Göteborg, He knows how to turn it into something special. 


Jeans experience rubs off on all around him, his no nonsense approach has allowed him to inspire others to help him create his vision in Carbon.


At first glance Michael can seem like a though guy who has no place serving in a fine dining restaurant.


Under the tattoos he has a big heart and passion for the hospitality business. Michael inspires and motivates his staff by being the hardest worker in the room. He knows more about beverages than most and this shows in his creative creations of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks.


His biggest strength is that, no matter what time or day, he always puts a smile on both the guests and his colleagues faces.


Marc Brennan is a whiskey lover from Belfast, Ireland.

The first impressions we had of him on his first interview at Carbon wasn’t the best, but God, he has proved us wrong! His interest for food and beverage combined with his talent to give our guests the best experience, really shows on the feedback we get, what a lovely guy!

Funny thing about Marc is that It be can be really hard to understand his thick Irish accent! We all hope that he starts speaking good English soon!



Tova is the lady of the house. Her gentle approach and being one of the few swedish speakers made it easy to win over the guests hearts. Her abillity to listen and befriend our guest make her a force on the floor.


This country girl from Särö is not to be messed with!  Often helping us pronounce correctly  or as the balance we so desperatly need in this house of foreigners! 


The best thing about tova is staying gentle and genuinly nice in a pretty cutthroat enviroment!


The most calm member of the team, Agnes is very knowledgeable about food and shows a big interest for hospitality! You can always count with a genuine smile from her at Carbon!


"- Wine and food is a way for me to travel the world, to share places and cultures in glasses and plates with my lovely guests brings joy to my work."


He is our Cuban soul in the kitchen, always listening to salsa music and giving Latin American touches to everything he cooks! 


Positive vibes is his best input to the team! 

"- With a constant eye on the everchanging world of gastronomy, I always seem to find myself going back in the ages, sourcing my inspiration from the legends before me"


Our newest addition and a chef with great aspiration learned his craft around Sweden and Norway. His commitment to improve make him an extremely valuable team member


Our Macedonian powerlady that has been with us since the start. A day one champion that doesnt mind getting her hands dirty and has been working her way up ever since she started